Work & Grading

The workload for this course is broken up between weekly assignments and 4 projects.

The grading breakdown is as follows:

50% Weekly assignments
5%  Project 1
10% Project 2
13% Project 3
2% Project 3 Peer Review
20% Project 4

Weekly assignments

In this course you will complete a weekly assignment designed to guide you through the course material and project development via a combination of open-ended prompts and comprehension checks.

These assignments are administered via Canvas and you can find them via the Assignments link in the Canvas menu for this course.

Assignments are released in Canvas each Wednesday before midnight, and will be relevant to the topics discussed in the lecture material posted that same day. Not only will assignments evaluate your understanding of course material, they will also provide a “to-do” of tasks you need to accomplish for the week.

Each week, after watching the lecture videos, you should read through the posted assignment to familiarize yourself with what you need to accomplish before you begin your work. (Assignments are configured to allow multiple attempts, giving you the opportunity to make a first-pass “read through” before actually completing the assignment).

Assignment deadlines

Here's a summary of the timeline for a given week:

Points aside, it is imperative that you keep up with the weekly assignments and the course material. This course moves fast and the material is cumulative, so getting behind on just one week of material can be detrimental to your success in the course.


Over the course of the semester you will complete 4 projects. Projects 1-3 are structured tasks, which will be outlined in lecture. Project 4 is more open-ended and will be an opportunity to get creative with the tools you're learning this semester.

Students taking this course for graduate credit are required to participate in a peer review process for Projects 3 (details will be covered when the project is introduced).


This course's grading schema is designed according to the Harvard Extension School Letter Grade Criteria and uses the following point scale:

Grades will not be rounded at the end of the semester (full explanation).