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Project 3: Peer review instructions

DUE: Wed Apr 24 @ 11:59pm Eastern

An essential task for every project is to simply get it working.

Beyond that, we then want to optimize how it's working, addressing such questions as...

And so, the final component of Project 3 is to look closer at the how and see where there’s room for improvement. With that in mind, let's outline the goals of a peer review.


Different students will get different benefits from the peer reviews.

The peer review is intended to accommodate for this spectrum of experiences, as you’ll see by the design of the questions. For many of the questions, the benefit is actually for the reviewer not the reviewee.

Regardless of your background, I understand that it may be uncomfortable to have your code reviewed by a peer. You may also feel uncomfortable about reviewing someone else's code if you feel your own skills are still at the beginner level.

I urge you look past these discomforts and recognize that some our greatest strides as programmers come when we have the opportunity to get a variety of perspectives on our work.

Finally, please be respectful and constructive in your answers.


  1. Visit this spreadsheet and see which student's project you've been assigned to review.
  2. Create a copy of this markdown file in the root of your Project 3; name this file peer-review.md
  3. Commit this new file to your p3 repository and note the url (e.g. http://github.com/username/p3/peer-review.md).
  4. Complete your review by editing your peer-review.md file, answering the prompts provided in the aforementioned template.
    • Remove the instructions for each prompt when complete; we only need to see your answers, not the instructions.
    • Make sure your file is using properly formatted Markdown syntax.
  5. When your review is complete, commit the final changes, then submit the URL (e.g. http://github.com/username/p3/peer-review.md) in Canvas under the assignment Project 3 - Peer Review.



The points you receive for your review will not be about right/wrong answers, but the quality and attention you give to your answers.