Github's Issues feature will serve as our “questions and answers” forum for this course.

When you run into problems or questions regarding course topics or projects, you should post your question in the Issues section of the course notes repository.

By sharing information via Issues, we'll all benefit from the collective knowledge of the class and avoid repeat questions.

Traditionally, Github's Issues feature is used for documenting problems, feature requests, etc. in a specific software project. For example, you can see the Issues board for Laravel here. The Github Issues featureset, however, is also perfect for a course setting such as this, so not only will we take advantage of those features, we'll also gain practice using a real world software development tool.


Search first for quicker resolutions

Posting in the course Issues should not be your first stop in solving a problem. Instead, sites like Google, StackOverflow and the Laravel Forum are necessary resources that can often give you an immediate answer to the problem at hand.

If you can't find your answer there, then search the course Issues to see if anyone else is having a similar problem which has already been solved (or is in the process of being solved).

If you can't find your solution, then post a new Issue.

Getting help effectively

One of the skills you'll be working on in this class is how to articulate technical problems; this is an essential skill for any programmer. The more information you can provide, the quicker your peers will be able to help you.

The following is a quick summary of guidelines to help you build good posts.

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Writing the Perfect Question