Posted Thu May 2 @ 2:00pm Eastern (7 months ago)

Minor corrections in the Week 13 assignment

Hi everyone,

In the Week 13 assignment published yesterday, you may see two errors (depending on when you loaded the assignment):

Question 2

It stated the P4 due date as Wed Dec 19. Unfortunately this is not true - you do not have until December 🙂. As is noted on the schedule, in Canvas, and on the project spec, the correct due date is Wed May 15.

Question 13

It stated that the assignment could be submitted multiple times, but it's the latest submission that is recorded as your grade. This was a holdover from last semester when assignments were handled differently, and is not accurate for this semester. This semester it's always your highest scoring submission that is recorded as your grade.

Sorry for any confusion this caused, and thank you to classmates Brian and Diane for drawing it to my attention!