Posted Tue Mar 6 @ 5:00pm Eastern (2 months ago)

Correction on Week 6's assignment

Hi everyone -

Question 2 (labeled “Explore”) on Week 6's assignment had issues in two of the answer options.

I corrected these issues early last week, but I think if you started viewing the assignment before then you're still seeing the outdated options in Canvas (hat-tip to the two students who emailed me about this).

Correction 1

The option that reads: "/path/to/htdocs/htdocs/foobooks"

Should be: "/path/to/htdocs/foobooks"

Problem: htdocs was listed twice.

Correction 2

The option that reads: "/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/foobooks/storage/temp"

Should be: "/path/to/htdocs/foobooks/storage/temp"

Problem: A system specific path was given, rather than the generic path/to/htdocs/ path that all the other options had.

If you have any questions about the above corrections, let me know.