This course is currently in-between semesters— the information on this website is presented for informational purposes only; material is subject to change for active semesters.

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Lecture Quizzes

Each week there will be an online quiz proctored through Canvas ( that covers material from the most recently completed lecture.

Quizzes are available between 6:30pm Eastern Monday and 6:30pm Eastern Thursday.

Each quiz contains 10 multiple choice questions which will pull from the lecture material and tasks on the to-list given at the end of each previous lecture.

You will have 20 minutes to complete each quiz (past data indicates this should be plenty of time).

When taking the quiz, you will be shown one question at a time and you can not go back to review past questions.

Given the above two points, it's essential that you do the following before attempting the quiz:

An example quiz (not counted) will be given after Lecture 1 to give you a feel for the kind of questions to expect and how much you'll need to prepare for each quiz.

In addition to dropping the first quiz, your 2 lowest quiz scores will be dropped.

Late quizzes are not accepted, with no exceptions. The padding of dropping the 2 lowest quiz scores is provided to account for personal circumstances: computer crashes, forgetting to take the quiz, health, job, religious holidays, vacation, family, etc.).

Quizzes must be taken independently.

FAQ: Can the quizzes be released earlier? I'd like to work on them over the weekend.

Because quizzes are customized to each semester's lecture, the teaching team needs time to author quizzes and exchange feedback about the questions before quizzes are published. Given this, we can not release quizzes earlier than the time stated above.

FAQ: How come there's a time limit and why can't I go back to review my answers?

With an open-book quiz it can be tempting to not prepare ahead of time, and attempt to look up the answers as you go. The idea of the quizzes, however, is to assess engagement in the material in the previous class— this includes the lecture itself, the readings, and any tasks. Given this, by the time a student sits down to take the quiz they should be prepared to answer the questions with only minimal reference.